My work is based on the teaching of Frederick Husler, with whom I studied for over 9 years as both student and professional singer.

I maintain that teaching is essentially a relationship between pupil and teacher with respect and commitment on both sides. Whilst working on voice, body and mind I consider the philosophical needs of the singer, and believe singing to be the voice of the soul. My training is based on the Bel Canto principles of beauty of quality, legato and freedom of voice, body and spirit.

Exercises are given on the various sounds possible for the human voice. All vowels and resonant consonants are used in different placements throughout all registers, thereby achieving balance and evenness throughout the singer’s range, as well as flexibility at all dynamic levels.

The natural tendency of the diaphragm as an emotive power is adhered to, and all exercises lead to the optimum individual quality of each singer.

My work covers all musical possibilities and variations, so that when the singer performs there is nothing that has not been technically explored. The singer is confidently able to use his or her imagination and inherent musicality to sing expressively with beauty and freedom and above all to listen.